Army will not provide Chelsea Manning hormone therapy


Wright continued that while all inmates are considered soldiers and are treated as such with access to mental health professionals including a psychiatrist, psychologist, social workers and behavioral science noncommissioned officers, the Army does not provide hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery for gender identity disorder. Mannings lawyer, David Coombs, said that Manning has not yet indicated whether she intends to seek gender reassignment surgery in addition to hormone therapy, but noted that he will fight to ensure Manning has access to hormone therapy and that she is comfortable in her skin and able to be the person that shes never had an opportunity to be, while incarcerated. The American Civil Liberties Union has also weighed in on the subject of Mannings access to hormone therapy, arguing that denying Manning hormone therapy may be a violation of her constitutional rights: Without the necessary treatment, gender dysphoria can cause severe psychological distress, including anxiety and suicide. When the government holds individuals in its custody, it must provide them with medically necessary care, ACLU staff attorney Chase Strangio said in a statement. The official policy of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and most state agencies is to provide medically necessary care for the treatment of gender dysphoria, and courts have consistently found that denying such care to prisoners based on blanket exclusions violates the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution. Katie McDonough is an assistant editor for Salon, focusing on lifestyle. Follow her on Twitter @kmcdonovgh or email her at kmcdonough@salo NASA California Rim Fire This is the view from the International Space Station, taken with a 50mm lens by an Expedition 36 crew member on August 24. Previous Next California Rim Fire NASA’s Aqua satellite used its Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) to collect natural-color images of the Rim Fire’s rapid expansion. Actively burning areas are outlined in red.
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Hormone replacement therapy for Manning would take several years

Continuous doses of female hormones will cause a male to see changes within the first few months of therapy such as softer skin, fat and muscle rebalancing, and breast development. Those changes start to become irreversible within six to nine months. The degree of effects of hormone therapy varies considerably among individuals. For example, the younger a patient starts hormones, typically the better they work, said Grace Kim, a District-based psychologist who has a number of transgender patients.
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Chelsea Manning Would Be Willing To Pay For Hormone Therapy While In Prison, Lawyer Says

Coombs said he and Manning knew the Army might not provide hormone treatment, but they were hoping the military prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., would allow it since Manning had been diagnosed with gender-identity disorder by an Army psychiatrist who testified at his trial. It wasn’t until they read a Courthouse News Service story that Manning decided to make the announcement. The story quoted prison spokeswoman Kimberly Lewis saying the prison would not provide hormone therapy. It was published Aug. 20, the day before Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison for the leaks. “It was Chelsea’s intent to do this all along,” Coombs said.
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